Services & Registration

Teaching students of all ages in mastering Violin, Piano and Viola - music instructor in Coral Springs Tuition/Payment for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello private lessons by appointment only are to be paid for on a tuition basis. This Fee will remain constant whether there are 3,4 or 5 lessons a month. The following prices cover the time from September 1st - June 30th , which after the holidays (a week during Christmas and Easter) are subtracted includes 42.5 Weeks of Lessons. Payment will be due first lesson of each month. Fees for Lessons are as follows. In addition to the standard classes held, there are Lessons for Duets and Ensambles. The Student’s of the Studio in addition participate in Florida State competitions.

Materials / Activities Fee:

Registration Fee $30.00 (paid once a year)

  • Fees for necessary study material (music,books, and recordings)
  • For Studio Use, it will be necessary to purchase your own studio materials and books from time to time. We will help you with their selection.
  • We return missed lessons with two master classes per year.