Florida Youth Orchestra

By Dr. Leana Strouse (in page 56 of Season Twenty-Three 2010-2011 Florida Youth Orchestra year book)

SoundsOfRussia.com - music instructor in Coral Springs Dr. Leana Strouse congratulates all of her students who have been accepted to the Florida Youth Orchestra:

  • Rachel Benaroch
  • Sarah Fishkin
  • Desiree Ji
  • Musin Ji
  • Mathew Satar
  • Amanda Walenciak
  • Sarah Walenciak

Dr. Leana Strouse

European-trained teacher

Violin - Viola - Piano

Comments from parents in the year book:

Pg. 85: Congratulations Sarah! We are so proud of you. Love Mom, Dad …

Pg. 93: Dear Rachel, We are so proud of you! You are doing and amazing job playing the violin. We all love you very much! Love, Daddy, Mommy, …

Pg. 86: Musen Ji and Desiree Ji – Have a wonderful Season at FYO !

Pg. 93: Dear Mathew, Congratulations on your first year at the Florida Youth Orchestra! You make us very proud as we listen to you play music. Love, Mom, Dad …

Pg. 94: Amanda and Sarah, We are all so proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished. Congratulations! Love Mom & Dad